Too stuck or too far behind 
 To grow your business and WIN 
 With social media marketing 
 I Get It... I'm 60 years old

Our insecurities about technology are real.


And social media marketing can feel complicated and time-consuming when you are already so busy  -- "just one more thing to do!"

You know you should be using it to grow your business but you feel too overwhelmed. Or (gasp!) too old!  


Maybe you don't know where to start. Or you started...and now you're stuck. And, it's always changing (Hullo, Facebook!)


You are not alone! I hear this all the time. 

But what if you had some simple winning strategies? From your own personal social media marketing coach.


Who specializes in practical advice just for real estate agents and solo entrepreneurs -- your age!

Finally, A Practical Way for 
to Learn and Win with Social Media Marketing

Wether you are a social newbie or are just overwhelmed, I understand exactly where you are coming from. 


Together, we are going to help you get a jump-start to social success. Through simple steps and easy-to-use tips and advice.

I offer online and in-person group workshops and classes and personal coaching.

Kelly -- tell me when classes start so I can learn more.
 Hola! Kelly O'Brien

I have had the privilege of helping some of the world's biggest brands solve their business problems with digital and social media marketing solutions.

But now my passion is helping the little guy win. 


Most of my students are over 50 years old and were either stuck or have never started their social marketing plans. 

They say I help "demystify" the process. Break it down and help them prioritize and create a real action plan to meet their objectives. And make it fun!

I'd love to help you win in the changing world of social media and digital marketing. No matter how newbie you or your team or may be! 

Sign up to learn more about my upcoming classes -- or how I can come to your office to teach in-person or virtually online.

 Heya Brokers!

If you are interested in custom-fit, live training for your team, let me know.

I can build a course around your specific business challenges and workshop directly with your agents at your location. This can be incredibly transformative and a true game-changer for your group, especially if you pair it up with some on-going coaching.

If this sparks with you, just add a message in the email form above and I'll reach out to set up some time to talk it through and we can see what makes the most sense for your team.

 What Fans Have to Say 
And more....
Short Testimonial from a NJ Broker-of-Record

The course was outstanding once again.Kelly was clear and knowledgeable. I am ready to use/follow steps to use social media. 
L.G. Broker Associate

Without question, this class has boosted my knowledge and confidence concerning social media. I look forward to integrating my knowledge to further my career.
T.H. Agent

Absolutely fantastic! Would like to take an intermediate or more advanced course when availalb.
K.F. Agent


Great class for beginners. Kelly is well spoken and easy to understand.
C.G. Agent