Hire me to give give a fun, practical, and inspiring presentation to your association or organization that will leave your members upbeat and motivated. 


They'll learn ways they can continue to stay vital and relevant in this dynamic world. I have taught over 22 sessions in the last year -- and I know your group will leave inspired and confidant.

Sample Topics


  • The ABCs of Social Success

  • Stay Relevant with Social Media

  • Why Your Age Experience is Your Secret Weapon

  • Take a Tour of the Top Social Platforms

  • How to Write a Meaningful Social Media Biography

  • Its Not Too Late: Facebook and Instagram 101

  • Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Presence

  • How to Build Your First Google Search Ad


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Invite me into your company to help build your marketing and social strategy. And I'll train key team members on how to manage and analyze success long-term.

I'll help unpack your business challenges and build viable solutions you can leverage immediately.

Sample Engagements


  • How to launch a new business

  • Meeting your clients online

  • Getting started with social media

  • Making the most of your social media content

  • Rethinking your web strategy 

  • Connecting all the pieces -- creating a seamless marketing net



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Proprietary content establishes leadership and engages prospects. So why do so many people and organizations struggle to produce meaningful n-depth or content?


I can help identify key topic areas that shows your strength and differentiation. Or, if preferred, I can provide turn-key material created just for you to leverage quickly.

Where to Leverage Content

  • Websites/Blogs

  • Social Platforms

  • Native Advertising

  • Lead Magnets

  • Fulfillment Materials

Types of Content

  • White Papers

  • Case Studies

  • POV/Opinions

  • Research

  • Testimonials/Interview

  • Behind the Scenes

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