Facebook -- well it's never boring! 
Facebook -- it's always good news/bad news and some we're not sure news.  
Bottom line, this platform keeps changing and making this platform more "interesting" for real estate agents. My workshops will cover more but here's a few nuggets to make sure you are aware and hopefully keeping up.
Remember when you wanted to do an open house? You picked out some demo criteria like income, gender; added zip codes; uploaded some house pics and were off to the races. Not so much any more....
Facebook is making an effort to comply with The Fair Housing Act Fair Housing Act, which prohibits sellers and landlords from discriminating against any protected class of people. That translates into two things.
Firstly, Facebook is removing some targeting options.
  • Advertisers will no longer be able to target audiences based on age, gender, or zip code.
  • Geographic radius targeting will be required to target a 15-mile geographical radius at minimum; previously the minimum was 1-5 miles depending on the area.
  • An undisclosed number of “interests” used for targeting will be removed. 
Secondly -- and this is really interesting, Facebook is developing a platform that lists all housing ads around the country for people to search and review. Zillow killer? TBD. Version planned for the end of 2019.
Shameless plug: plz register to get on my workshops announcement list where I'll talk about how best to leverage Facebook in the midst of this evolution. FB is still an 800-lb gorilla and very useful for agents. Form below:
This hurts. The newsfeed is dying. Likes are not as important to the algorthim as engagements: comments, shares, in other words, active responses. Agents really need to consider what will connect with their followers. (Hint: video, video, video.) Zuckerberg announced that stories, groups, and Messenger are the way to go. In his words, "The future is private."  I'm sure you've been noticing the prominence of Groups on your app. It's a new world.
May I repeat my shameless plug?
Kelly -- tell me when classes start so I can learn more.